Aug 16

Quick Insights Related to Flaunting Fashion Accessories like Ear Stretchers

1-3Looking fashionable and trendy is something that every individual looks forward to. As a result, fashion accessories like Ear Stretchers, Belly Bars, Nipple Bars, and other related items are gaining huge demand. You might have spotted some characters in movies as well as in real life that have stretched ears, tattoos, and body piercings. It is considered as the latest trend and many people residing in the western parts have developed a huge interest in this body art.

Ear stretching is puncturing and broadening one’s ear lobes up to certain level and adding a detailed carved jewelry like plugs, tapers, and tunnels. Gauged ears look appealing and add tribal flavour over the appearances of an individual. Deciding to get your body parts pierced should be done with extreme precaution or else it would not end up as you expect. There are certain Dos and Don’ts that you should be aware of before being involved in any body art practice especially if you are a beginner.

Two major things to keep in mind before being involved in the piercing practice

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Aug 13

If Worn Correctly, Leggings can be the Biggest Fashion Statement

Fashion photo of beautiful slender girl model in leopard print jacket with sunglasses

Fashion photo of beautiful slender girl model in leopard print jacket with sunglasses

In the contemporary times, leggings have become a major fashion apparel in the wardrobe of the young girls and ladies. It has in a way sidelined the jeans and the trousers which can be bothersome especially in the hot and humid summers. In fact, these have been replaced by leggings. But it is not a latest phenomenon and in the eighties, it was the most popular exercise wear for the young girls and ladies. They wore it during exercising, yoga, for long morning walks and others. But it was not a mainstream wear. At present, it is a bottom wear which is used by the masses as well as the celebrities. But there are women who are still not flattered by the attire. Yes, it is true that it is easy to go wrong with leggings. There are certain considerations one should adhere to while adorning the leggings.

The gauzy leggings are hardly a good decision to purchase. This is the major blunder women make when purchasing leggings. It is better to plan your entire outfit depending on the look and feel of the leggings. For example, if you are going for a special occasion look then you might want to select a pair made with a silk or nylon material to provide a glamorous look. But for day-to-day activities, you can pick a comfy cotton pair.

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Aug 10

Kurta Pajamas – A Timeless Fashion Trend For All

21The world has been changing quickly and these changes have affected every sphere of our lives. Right from technology to fashion, everything is taking a new turn either for the best or the worst. However, even with these changes, there are some things that never change and their uniqueness remains intact and admirable. Kurta pajamas are some of the fashion trends that have remained attractive and popular no matter where you go.

Kurta pajamas are designed for both men and women and work perfectly well in any given season. Whether you are looking for kurta to wear during summer or winter, you can never go wrong with these fashionable trends. When looking for your kurta pajama, you will be amazed to find a wide range of colors available and all these are made from different materials with the most common ones being linen or a combination of linen and cotton. As such, you can expect to be comfortable in your well-fitting pajama during the cold and warm seasons.

A Timeless Fashion Trend
As aforementioned, kurta pajamas have been with us for a very long time. In fact, these garments are timeless and this has made them a popular outfit among many Indians. However, you do not have to be an Indian to adorn these outfits. You can purchase these outfits online or from your local clothes store. However, if you are looking for kurta pajamas online, the most important thing is to always ensure that the one you pick is a perfect fit and is also made from the right material. Normally, the pajama should neither be over-sized nor be too tight on your body. This helps guarantee your comfort every time you wear it.

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Jul 15

Grow Up Your Career in Interior & Fashion Designing

22Designing is one of the best arenas to build career in for people who love to indulge in creative sessions. For those who take their creativity seriously and wish to take it to another level should make up their mind to pursue career in the designing stream where there are plethora of courses available. One such area is interior designing. The job of a designer is equally exciting and challenging, and sees infinite growth. This section shall deal with the area of interior designing, and things that a designer should know before taking up this dynamic job.

For the starter, it is obvious for anyone who intends to build himself in Interior Design Career needs to have a knack for designing. There should be innate affection and understanding of colours, patches, combinations, building code, architecture, placement of objects etc. But interior designing is not a play with colours and combinations – there is more that needs to be learnt. One should have hands on knowledge on interior designing which can be pursued from any college that offers specialisation in the subject. Designers need to be educated in design, its history, concepts, building code, ethics of forming a design, computer aided drawing and more. On a broader perspective, designers are expected to be working with all kinds of clients- be it home owners, corporate clients, government agencies etc. One simply cannot restrict their area of work, especially in the beginning, as it is ideal to gain exposure in every area than limiting to one. Another thing that a designer needs to understand is that they shall not be able to earn crazy high amount the moment they kick start. One needs to gain experience and exposure in order to reach at the desired stage. One may build a portfolio on their design ideas and build a constructive study as to how they plan to take things forward in order to present a potential client some credible work. Not a people pleaser, but one needs to be a people person as certain clients are finicky and try to negotiate on non-valid points. Here wittiness and mitigation shall come in handy. Other is that designers need to understand there is fierce competition in interior designing, so they need to position themselves in such a way that they stand out of the crowd. Education in specific streams, or having extensive knowledge on modern architecture, and staying abreast on recent developments in designing are a few things one should keep a tab on.

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Jul 10

Fashion Designing: A Costly Tax Affair

1kFashion designing is a taxable service in the Indian Territory with a service tax of up to 10% of the sales applicable to every transaction. It was added to the taxable service list in the year 2002 in the section 65(44) of the Finance Act, 1994). Since, then clothes have become costlier by 10-12%. Why? Read on for a brief of the Tax system in fashion and clothing industry.

According to taxation service providers in India, fashion designing is a leading industry of the Indian subcontinent and has contributed majorly to government funds. It is a taxable service that has experienced enormous growth along with other popular services like, hospitality and health sector.

In India, under section 80RR of Income Tax Act, all artists get a tax exemption of 75% on the income earned from foreign assignments. Initially fashion designing wasn’t accepted under this section and was needed to pay full taxes.

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